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Do proprietary brand communities work as an e-commerce booster?

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Over the last few years, companies have invested in a stable, high-performance e-commerce infrastructure to expand their existing channel portfolio. The focus was on logistics, range and technology. Today the standard is fulfilled in many places: products are presented online, processes are organized. read on

2017 – Trends, business cases and strategic steps


Customer expectations are higher than ever before: In the course of purchase decisions, the experience factor is becoming more important than the price or specific product characteristics (Customer 2020, Walker). Therefore, we are convinced that in 2017, in order to increase commitment to their brand, companies will have to take a closer look at how they inspire their customers in the digital world.

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First Things First

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About five years ago Ethan Marcotte first talked about “responsive web design workflow”, and one year before that, Luke Wroblewski published his book entitled “mobile first.” Since then we have seen many discussions and experiments on this topic, much has been refuted and confirmed. Today “mobile first” and “responsive web design” are on everyone’s lips.

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Data visualisation – the tool for easy and quick knowledge acquisition

By on 15. November 2016, 0 comments

Unic Statistics

Our first article concerning digital analysis revealed the challenges faced by companies in today’s world of data. Companies often have enormous quantities of data at their disposal but fail to take advantage of them. This is because many entities focus on gathering and storing data, while the aim of digital analysis – which is to enable deriving data-supported recommendations and optimisations of actions – is frequently not pursued consistently. Data should support the decision-making process, and to this end there must be a possibility to analyse and interpret them comprehensively. read on

Success strategy

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Nearly all manufacturers of renowned brands operate their websites in order to showcase their own brand and products. The satisfaction level of the end customer’s need to buy products online is particularly important for providers of expensive consumer goods – who at the same time want to safeguard their own interests, such as brand reinforcement and a profitable business model. read on

Interview with Sara Soueidan: SVGs – The synergie between drawing and coding

By on 12. July 2016, 0 comments

Sara Soueidan

As a diamond sponsor of the Frontend Conference Zurich on 1 and 2 september, we had the exclusive opportunity to conduct interviews with selected speakers. They shared their experiences and opinions about the exciting interplay between design and technology. Thank you for the inspirational food for thought! read on

Do we do what we want or do we want what we do?

The Crowd

There is general consensus about the development direction of online presences of insurance companies. But… does everything amount to following the trends? What is required to stand out among competitors and be authentic? Think about your strengths – also online.

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Are you still in digitisation phase or already undergoing transition?

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The digital transformation requires much more than provision of modern technologies. How can you seize your opportunities, where can you make adjustments and what are the challenges involved in a thorough transition?

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Interview with Florian Held, Head of E-Commerce Mammut: A passion for mountaineering – also in the digital world

By on 10. June 2016, 0 comments

Florian Held Mammut

As the organiser of the E-Commerce Summit to be held on 14 June in Zürich, we have an exclusive opportunity to interview selected speakers who share with us their experience and opinions regarding the topic of customer engagement. We are looking forward to exchanging experience and to hearing your inspirations at the E-Commerce Summit!

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OMEA Labs: interdisciplinary exchange to create something new

By on 20. May 2016, 0 comments

OMEA Labs Logo

Unic regards interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge and experience as an important driver for challenging the existing solutions and developing new ideas. Apart from the vessels that entangle the entire company, there are individual initiatives in the teams to share knowledge so that something new can be created.

Roy Voggenberger has established OMEA Labs, an idea workshop, in his business unit Online-Marketing, Engineering and Analytics.

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