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Stefan Pieren

Senior Account Executive

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Making of sbb.ch (4): Usability testing – “it makes you crazy!”

By on 11. July 2011, 0 comments

These days, usability tests are an integral part of all Internet projects and always good for a surprise. This is also the case at sbb.ch. Right from the conception phase, they provide useful input for a continual optimisation – a lifesaver in the case of complex websites such as sbb.ch: usability tests with future users.

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Making of sbb.ch (3): how innovative can it be?

By on 8. June 2011, 0 comments

While SBB wants an innovative concept that sets new benchmarks, visitors simply want to find the contents they are looking for: the 18-year-old teenager as well as the 68-year-old silver surfer. The job of optimally fulfilling requirements at both ends of the spectrum requires a good deal of creativity and brainwork. read on

Making of sbb.ch (2): How many online platforms does SBB need?

By on 31. May 2011, 0 comments

The second of our “Making of” articles on the sbb.ch re-launch is dedicated to travel-relevant content. To find out how we selected 25 relevant platforms for the new portal out of a total of 150 existing ones, read on…
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Making of sbb.ch (1): for customers between 9 and 99

By on 25. May 2011, 0 comments

Who exactly are typical sbb.ch customers? A consistent alignment with customer needs was one of the many project objectives set by SBB – and the first step in the concept process to find a new design.
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