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A gift to all Unic Sitecore customers: Unic releases the Sitecore Error Manager

By on 28. December 2012, 0 comments

Putting user experience first – always. Impressions from the Sitecore Symposium

By and on 21. September 2012, 0 comments

From 4 to 6 September, Sitecore hosted the European Symposium in Amsterdam. The manufacturer of one of the most innovative CMS solutions currently available on the market presented its impressive vision of how to communicate with customers in today’s world.

Visual Sitecore Symposium 2012

It is becoming increasingly evident that the originally cumbersome content management system is evolving into a number of versatile tools. The focus is on customer experience, enhanced by features such as sophisticated personalisation mechanisms. What may sound simple actually requires a great deal of work when put into action: communication must deliver added value to the user.

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Gaining maturity with Enterprise 2.0

By on 18. June 2010, 0 comments

The various organisational and technological maturity levels of intranets, Enterprise 2.0 and corporate cultures are described in terms of maturity models. Common to them all is the prerequisite for constant and systematic development. The launch of Microsoft’s new Sharepoint is the ideal time to illustrate the stages of development that have led to the latest version. read on