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Michael Grob

Senior Consultant

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2014 CONNECT Web Experience: AEM, frameworks and the future of web experience management

By on 24. July 2014, 0 comments

The CONNECT Web Experience, the largest Central European developers’ conference for  Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) took place for the second time in Basel on 25 and 26 June. The conference, which was jointly organised by Unic and Adobe, consisted of a series of excellent talks and seminars intended to inspire developers from all over Europe and overseas.

CONNECT Web Experience 2014

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CQCON 2013: heated sessions and a declaration of love

By on 28. June 2013, 0 comments

In June, the first central European developer conference for Adobe CQ – “CQCON” – took place, organised jointly by Adobe and Unic. The first day began with a keynote speech from Jean-Michel Pittet, responsible for the development of Adobe CQ at Adobe, went through several more heated sessions and ended in a declaration of love.

Interested participants at CQCON 2013 in Basel.

Interested participants at CQCON 2013 in Basel.

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