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The customer experience beyond channels and organisational structures: trend barometer for the financial services industry

Unic Trendbarometer Banking & Insurance 2015

Relationships between customers and financial service providers develop beyond channels. Throughout the entire life cycle, the customer interacts with banks and insurance companies through a wide variety of physical and digital points of contact.

A continuous customer journey that connects the offline and digital worlds is therefore an increasingly important factor for success in the financial services industry. There is a growing shift towards orchestration of different channels (branches/agencies, web, native apps). CEO of Citigroup, Michael L. Corbat, explains the challenge facing banks: “We allow people to be the architects of the information they’d like to receive, and when they’d like to receive it.” [1] weiterlesen

Email micromarketing: what the Apple Watch means for your email marketing campaigns

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Are you one of those people who can’t wait to check your emails on your wrist? Well, now you can. With the Apple Watch. Do you use email as a marketing tool? Then you have some homework to do.  weiterlesen

CONNECT Web Experience 2015 – Where developers connect

CONNECT Web Experience

The third AEM developer conference, CONNECT Web Experience, will be held this year at the Stadtcasino Basel on 24 and 25 June. The two days will focus on knowledge sharing and networking. weiterlesen

Yield management – untapped potential

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You’re on the plane from Zurich to New York. Like you, the person in the next seat is trying to make themselves as comfortable as possible while munching on an identical breakfast roll. But his ticket cost considerably more than yours. An urgent meeting, a flight booked at short notice, no alternative – that’s when many airlines ring the cash register.

The reason for this is ‘yield management’, also known as dynamic pricing or revenue management.


Six digital marketing temptations to avoid

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In 2015, digital marketing is more complex than ever. Every marketing channel – from display advertising to engine optimisation and interactive media like Facebook – has its own rhythm and momentum. The various channels are becoming increasingly specialised, so much so that professionals must constantly expand their skillset.


Beacon technology – key to differentiation or high-tech toy?

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Quelle: www.estimote.com/press-kit

Source: www.estimote.com/press-kit

Companies want to use technology to make their customer shopping experience across all channels more personalised and thus more intuitive and memorable. The aim is to win customers wherever they are with a personal approach, promotional discounts and relevant advertising that enables them to find the right products and purchase using mobile payment methods.


Web Analysis: Is free better? – Why pay for a tool when you can use Google Analytics?

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Unic Statistics

No other web analytics tool is as widely used as the free-of-charge Google Analytics. It has made online analysis accessible to the masses and is constantly launching innovative new functions. Apart from a few data protection concerns, there is no longer any real reason to pay for an analytics tool. Or is there?

Have you discovered emailing marketing or are you still sending newsletters?

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Don’t worry, I’m not trying to make fun of your newsletter; the title is deliberately provocative. When used correctly, newsletters are still a very important marketing tool.

But how can bulk email newsletters address issues such as personalisation and segmentation?


2014 CONNECT Web Experience: AEM, frameworks and the future of web experience management

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The CONNECT Web Experience, the largest Central European developers’ conference for  Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) took place for the second time in Basel on 25 and 26 June. The conference, which was jointly organised by Unic and Adobe, consisted of a series of excellent talks and seminars intended to inspire developers from all over Europe and overseas.

CONNECT Web Experience 2014


Benchmarking 2014: the online customer intimacy of Swiss banks and insurance companies

This year, the insurance benchmark, which first appeared in 2013, has been redesigned, refined and now also encompasses Swiss banks. Both benchmarks evaluate the customer intimacy of the largest Swiss banks and insurance companies in the digital realm and identify potential for development within these industries.

Insurance companies and banks are being confronted with a significant shift in terms of customer requirements. Bank customers are increasingly emancipated and want to research products themselves; insurance customers are more independent, more interested in dialogue and increasingly sensitive to price.