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7th Swiss E-Commerce Summit

The 7th Swiss E-Commerce Summit will take place on Thursday, 6 March 2014 at the Lake Side in Zurich.

With the focus on the channel mix and various sales models, representatives from Hilti and WearLite will be among those providing insights into the current challenges in multichannel retailing.


And the winner is…

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At the Sitecore Site of the Year Award 2013, on 26 November 2013 in Hamburg, the most outstanding websites developed using the content management system from Sitecore were honoured. The jury evaluated creativity, the integration of applications, the visitor experience and the information properties of the website.


The websites created by Unic for BEKB (Bern Cantonal Bank), Zurich Insurance Group, PALFINGER and JURA impressed the Sitecore jury and won a total of five awards in different categories.


Tag Management Systems: the turbo for web analytics and online marketing – part 2

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Functions and advantages of a tag management system
In part 1 of this series, we described the main problem that a tag management system (TMS) aims to solve: a reduction of the dependency of the marketeer or web analyst on IT and release cycles. And, conversely, to give IT more time for more important functional improvements to the website instead of implementing tracking pixels.

With a tag management system, you can define yourself – independently of IT – which tags (tracking codes) are to be executed under which conditions (‘rules’ or ‘filters’).


“Now is a good time to investigate the topic of new generic top-level domains.”


Interview with Wolfram Schmidt, CEO of switchplus ag

This interview with Wolfram Schmidt is an accompaniment to the Unic magazine article on the topics of domain management and the new generic top-level domains (gTLD).


all.good? 5 tips for domain management and the new generic top-level domains (gTLD)

Checklist for domain management:

1.       See domain names as assets
Domain names are valuable and require due consideration as a part of corporate branding.

2.       Establish domain management (organisation, processes, financial resources)
Clear rules for registration and release help to ensure that all important domain names are registered.

3.       Protect your own brand
The procedure for dealing with brand infringements must be familiar to the person responsible for domain management so that they can react quickly when necessary.

4.       Monitor the launch of new gTLDs
Regular monitoring must take place to check whether new domain names should be included in the portfolio.

5.       Consider domain management in budgeting
Additional financial resources are required for the registration of additional domains. This must be provided for in the budgeting.


Tag Management Systems: the turbo for web analytics and online marketing – part 1

Implementation of online marketing tags and web analysis tracking on a website without costly and continuous IT loops? Without any programming skills? And with a reduction of loading times and a central location for documenting all tracking codes? Try using a tag management system.



Caffeine boost and hummingbird precision. How the Knowledge Graph is changing Google search.

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We now use search engines as part of our everyday routine. Among the masses of data, Google and others help us find the relevant information. The figures here are unambiguous: according to an ARD/ZDF online survey from 2013, 83% of all 14-year-old online users in Germany use search engines at least once a week, which is about the same frequency as email.


CQCON 2013: heated sessions and a declaration of love

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In June, the first central European developer conference for Adobe CQ – “CQCON” – took place, organised jointly by Adobe and Unic. The first day began with a keynote speech from Jean-Michel Pittet, responsible for the development of Adobe CQ at Adobe, went through several more heated sessions and ended in a declaration of love.

Interested participants at CQCON 2013 in Basel.

Interested participants at CQCON 2013 in Basel.


1. Swiss Webtrends Engage in Zurich

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After San Francisco, London and Dusseldorf, the Webtrends Engage took place in Switzerland for the first time. At the Lake Side in Zurich, more than 80 experts gathered together to talk about trends and tools, and they gained valuable practical insights into digital analysis.



Sales channels in the fashion industry: all for one and one for all

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Entering the world of omni-channel retailing: experiences in fashion from the success stories of Manor Fashion and THELOOK.COM.

Figure 1: the customer finds their own way through the world of sales channels.

Figure 1: the customer finds their own way through the world of sales channels.